Mark Foy

Berkeley, California, USA  [San Francisco Bay Area]

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Vegan Cooking ( vegan chef work including main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and pastry ).  Vegan Diet/Menu Consulting.



School of Natural Cookery - Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.    (1995-1996)

Completed "The Pro Course" - Professional Training consisting of:

Fundamentals Course (5 week intensive - total of 150 hours) - grains, vegetables, vegetable protein (beans, seitan, tofu, and tempeh), soups, stews, and meal composition - consideration of dietary restrictions - emphasis on improvisation.

Baking and Pastry Course (12 day intensive - total of 72 hours) - cakes (icings, fillings, decorations, and garnishes), cookies, pies, custards, muffins, quick bread, yeasted bread, sourdough, yeasted pastries, and recipe adaptation through ingredient substitution - non-wheat and non-gluten baking.

Personal Chef Training (4 week periodic - total of 78 hours) - trained to cook for small groups and in private homes - respond to different diets - small scale catering.



Food Categories:

Whole Grains


Soups & Stews

Vegetable Protein (beans, seitan, tofu, tempeh)



Baked Goods

Restrictions Accommodated:



heart healthy

high fiber


lactose intolerance



gluten allergies/celiac (wheat, ...)

soy allergies

corn allergies







vegan (strict vegetarian)



ethnic/international (Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, Hungarian, Mexican, Asian)



family style



10/95 - present

Personal Chef Service - Boulder/Denver, Colorado and Berkeley/San Francisco, California.


* Vegetarian meals (including desserts) for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) who were new to vegetarianism.


* Meals for a family of 5 (1 adult and 4 children).


* Healing meals for a person returning home after surgery.


* Main dishes for a person with IBS.


* Meals for other families looking for new vegan dishes and did not have time to cook as often as they wanted home-cooked food.



10/95 - present

Small-Scale Catering - Boulder/Denver, Colorado and Berkeley/San Francisco, California.


* Indian dishes for an informal 40-person winter holiday party.


* Party/finger foods for an informal 50-person graduation party.


* Business lunch for 12-persons for the Flatiron program at the Boulder Heart Institute (within the Boulder Medical Center) (on 2 occasions).


* Buffet/finger foods for a 40-persons open house at the Boulder Heart Institute.


* Three meals for 12-persons for the HEART program’s kick-off weekends (a program of the Boulder Heart Institute) (on 5 occasions) (menus: American Vegan, Mexican, Thai).



10/95 - present

Baked Goods Service - Boulder/Denver, Colorado and Berkeley/San Francisco, California.


* Vegan wedding cake to serve 40.


* Graduation carrot cake to serve 25.


* Birthday cake (in shape of a hot air balloon) to serve 30.


* Other desserts (pies, cookies, etc.) prepared for various clients.




In home vegan cooking since 1990 (extensive vegan/natural food knowledge).

Extensive European travel while living in Italy for 3 years, experiencing cuisine's of Italy (many regions in both the north and the south), Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, England, Denmark, and The Netherlands.  Was vegan during this time living abroad.

Traveled for over a month in China as a vegan experiencing cuisines from Taiwan to Beijing.

Attended the School of Natural Cookery completing a full series of Professional Courses consisting of: The Fundamentals Course, Baking and Pastry Course, and Personal Chef Training.

Personal Chef Service, Catering, and Baked Goods Delivery Service provided for various clients (see work experience).

Self-publication of originally produced vegan cookbooks: “A Taste of Vitality” and “Desserts of Vitality”.  These books emphasize foods which are nutritionally dense.  Over 95% of the recipes in these cookbooks are gluten-free, and many of the recipes fit well into a low-fat diet.  These cookbooks are currently available for free electronic download at