File Format Information

On the pages at this site, you will find many different types of files with different types for formats. This is a quick description about each of the file formats.

TXT - text format - ASCII format with 80 columns - this format can be easily read on the screen and e-mailed - no special viewers or programs required.

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language format - ASCII format - this format can be easily read on web browsers (e.g., Firefox).

PDF - Portable Document Format - This format is best opened in Adobe Acrobat. There are 2 versions of Acrobat: (1) the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7.0 or later is recommended) (this is the easiest and fastest way to view fully formatted documents on this web site) or (2) the commercial (not free) full version of Adobe Acrobat. Both are available for many computer platforms from Mac OS to MS-Windows/NT to UNIX). At this web site in general, it is recommended that the user choose to view/download PDF versions of documents/files. This will provide better viewing and printing than text versions. This is particularly true if the document/file is complicated in format and/or includes graphics or pictures. The reason for this recommendation is that a PDF file displays the document in question with all formatting as the author intended (including pictures), relatively small in size, can be easily searched, and can be viewed within a web browser (with the plug-in that comes with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader mentioned above). Additionally, the document can be viewed in it's intended format on almost any computer platform. Follow the instructions with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader download for information about making it possible for your computer to view files of this format (see link above). Printing of a pdf file with the above applications can also be done to many different types of printers. Depending on your computer platform and printer driver software, you may also be able to print a pdf file in "2up" format (where 2 pages from the document come out printed side by side on one page) or other formats which could reduce the number of sheets needed to print the document.

RTF - rich text format - for viewing, a file in this format must be opened in a word processor/text editing program (such as Microsoft Word) which can interpret this format.

DOC - Microsoft Word format - for viewing, a file in this format must be opened in Microsoft Word (or another word processor that can open MS Word files).

MX2 - MasterCook format - this format must be opened in MasterCook - the mx2 files on this web site were created with MasterCook 9 for the PC (and should be compatible with Mastercook versions 5 and up), so it may not be possible to open them in the old MasterCook for the Mac - if you are unable to open this mx2 version in MasterCook , try the txt version to see if that might work.