Clients of the Vitalita Technology Group

The staff of Vitalita have consulted at clients in the US and Europe, and in many different industries. This is a partial list of clients:

United States of America:

• Riverbed (Technology)
• CalRecycle (Regulation)
• TIBCO (Software)
• VMware (Software)
• Coherent (Manufacturing)
• Advent Software (Software)
• Wind River (Software)
• CalRecycle (Commerce/Regulation)
• Xilinx (High Tech)
• Neptium (Software)
• ShopNBC / GE / NBC (E-Retail/E-Commerce)
• BearingPoint / KPMG Consulting (Big 5 Consulting)
• Ultratech Stepper (Capital Goods Manufacturing)
• Managed Storage International (Service Provider)
• / Kmart (E-Retail/E-Commerce)
• GE Access / GE IT Distribution / MRA Systems, Inc. / Access Graphics (Distribution)
• U S WEST Communications (now Qwest Communications) (Telecommunications)
• Ball Corporation / Ball Packaging Products (Manufacturing)
• National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) (Science)
• Galileo International (Airline Reservations)



• Laboratory of Information Technology (Science)
• San Michele Agricultural Institute (Science)


• Bayerische Landesanstalt fur Landtechnik (Science)
• Techn. Universitat Munchen (Science)


• Danish Institute of Plant and Soil Science (DIPSS) (Science)
• European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (EFITA) (Science)


• ACTA Informatique (Science)