Vegan Outreach is an advocacy non-profit group; they publish and distribute literature to promote compassionate eating. 
   Vegan Outreach

School that offers hands-on plant-based baking classes: Artistry In Forms / Artistry in Baking. 
    Vegan Baking Classes

Registered Dietician (RD) specializing in vegan diets. 
    Jack Norris RD

Pea Counter - Service that analyzes your diet (as well as the ability to look up any one food and see it's full nutritional content (RDA)). 

    Pea Counter

More vegan health information - analysis based on scientific papers. 
    Vegan Health

The Vegetarian Resource Group offers vegetarian nutrition information as well as other vegetarian resources. 
   Vegetarian Resource Group

The Vegan Cooking site has many vegan recipes. 
   Vegan Cooking

Vegan recipes plus a lot more.

   Veg Peace

Sage Solutions is a small Oracle consulting firm. Consultants from Sage Solutions and Vitalita have worked together on various projects. 

   Sage Solutions

James Ryder provides expert yoga instruction in the San Francisco Bay Area:
    James Ryder Yoga

Vitalita's Solar Array:

    Solar System Info

Biostatician Home Page:

    Eric Roberts

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